We lease original New Zealand paintings, sculptures and fine art prints, with flexible hire options for your office or your home. Art Rentals is a family based business founded in the 1970′s, with a collection that is constantly updated. With our experience and understanding of customer needs we are sure to offer a suitable leasing option for you to hire original New Zealand artwork at a price that suits your budget.

A long term hire agreement includes our delivery and installation service witnin Christchurch, no need to mess about with measuring tapes and step ladders. We will install the painting or sculpture and provide assistance with choosing a painting or sculpture that fits with your interior décor. All our customers have the ability to change their pictures at any time. Just give us a call, we are here to help.

Our extensive selection contains over 2000 paintings in watercolour, oil acrylic and mixed media, sculptures in Omaru stone, bronze, clay and glass, and wall hangings. In sizes to fit any area from small size (to fit on an office pillar) to wall size (to hang in a space that encompasses multiple levels). The collection is extensive and diverse with works of art purchased over the 30 years of business from over 250 quality New Zealand artists. We have something to accommodate everyone’s taste and personal style. Including stunning landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes, great splashes of abstract colour, representing the city and things we enjoy, to delicate pastels of the sea and the natural world.


Let us provide you with original artwork which reflects your businesses’ personal style.


Artwork provides the finishing touch to interior design, connecting the workers to their envivronment. It could be a sculpture on the reception desk that conveys the nor west wind, or a bright watercolour that reminds staff and clients of their favorite place to have coffee.

We are constantly hearing from our clients how much of a impact the art, and the change of art makes to thier office environment.

  • Creating pride for the workplace environment
  • Inspiring creative solutions to insurmountable problems
  • Provide an opportunity for team-building, and reassurance

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I really appreciate all the support and art enthusiasm you have displayed and communicated over the years. I have enjoyed our discussions as you have tried to meet my own personal preferences.

Neil Cochrane – General manager Business Services