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We provide the widest selection of quality original paintings and sculptures for your home, office space or boardroom.

Why Art Rentals?

  • It’s Easy
  • No-Risk
  • Cost-Effective
  • Only $10+GST per week
  • 100% Tax-Deductible for Businesses
  • Six Month Exchange available
  • Professional Hanging Services
  • Includes a Guide to Renting Art for your Home, Office, or Boardroom.
  • We Love Art As Much As You

How Art Rental Works 

  1. Tell us about you.
  2. Select your paintings and installation date.
  3. We contact you within 24 hours.
  4. Confirm your details.
  5. We deliver and install artworks.

Let’s get started,

From $10 + GST per week.

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You probably need to spruce things up a bit!

Art Rentals is ready to provide quality original paintings and sculptures to enhance your home, business or corporate image. 

Through leasing original New Zealand art works, paintings make all the difference by adding a creative dimension to your environment.

We provide:

  • A free consultation and advisory service, a time saving, hassle free selection process
  • Flexibility to change artworks from a continually updated collection
  • The experience of 30 years in business in New Zealand.
  • Convenient monthly rental payments by direct debit or CC

Add colour, inspiration and ideas to your corporate environment with a new decor and original artworks from throughout New Zealand.


I really appreciate all the support and art enthusiasm you have displayed and communicated over the years. I have enjoyed our discussions as you have tried to meet my own personal preferences.

Neil Cochrane – General manager Business Services


Alison Ryde

Canal crossing
100 x 66 cm acrylic

Alison Ryde

Venecian waters
97 x 66 cm acrylic

Alison Ryde

Sand NZ Pieces
149 x 100cm acrylic

Daphine Roleston

Horse race
46 x 62cm acrylic

Joy Simmons

Boat on beach
53 x 37 cm Framed: 73 x 58 cm watercolour

Gordon Sharp

Bee Hives large
102 x 76 cm acylic

Ira Mitchell-Kirk

83 x 100 cm geclee corrigated iron

Ira Mitchell-Kirk

100 x 83 cm GeClee corregated iron