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About Us

Doreen and Bryce Hawkins founded Art Rentals (NZ) in Hamilton NZ in the 1970’s. Bryce’s dreary office space seriously needed some life and colour but was too tight to buy art or redecorate so Doreen persuaded him to hire art instead.

And that is how it all started.

The objective was to make the interior decor align with customers’ expectations of a professional office space without extensive interior design. At the time businesses were cautious about spending on decor, a strategy that still holds true today. And as there was no art hire company in Hamilton word soon spread about brightened office spaces.

Not long after that people decorated their homes with cost effective paintings and sculptures. They recognised the benefit of projecting the true value of their property with prestigious original art in their home.

Today we would still like to help you improve your existing décor with original New Zealand artwork. At present we own over 2000 paintings, prints drawings and sculptures from small to wall size, including stunning landscapes, great splashes of abstract colour, wonderful detail, delicate pastels in fact a whole range from which to choose.

Enjoy our original artwork from both recognised and emerging contemporary New Zealand artists in a varied collection without bias.

If you fall in love with a painting we will happily consider selling with reasonable purchase terms.

Why not support New Zealand artists though our services today?

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