Art Rentals (NZ) was founded by Doreen and Bryce Hawkins in the 1970s in Hamilton, New Zealand in response to a need to improve Bryce’s tired office space in the company he was managing.

The objective was to improve the interior decor in line with customers’ expectations of a professional office space without the need for extensive interior design remodelling. Many businesses at the time were cautious to spend money on assets that were not part of their core business, a strategy that still holds true today.

There was no company in Hamilton that provided hire of New Zealand art. Word of the ability to hire quality original art spread and more professionals lined up to recommend the service to their managers, as a cost effective way to brighten up austere office space. Our clients were often so impressed with our collection that they have asked us to provide paintings and sculptures to brighten up their homes for special events or as part of home staging for sale. They recognised the benefit of projecting the true wealth of their property with the prestige of original art in their home.


Rental of artwork in an office space is normally tax deductible, like the hire of other business equipment.


We would like to help you with your interior design, improving your existing décor with original New Zealand artwork.

Our collection is continually updated. At present we own over 2000 paintings, prints drawings and sculptures from small to wall size, including stunning landscapes, great splashes of abstract colour, wonderful detail, delicate pastels in fact a whole range from which to choose. Our extensive customer base can choose from our vast and varied collection without bias. Our primary interest is that clients hire a picture they enjoy. If a client does fall in love with a painting in the collection, we own the art and thus we can consider the sale of a painting or sculpture and often arrange purchase terms.

The majority of our art is original and is from both recognised and emerging contemporary New Zealand artists. Businesses and homes that rent our art are seen to be supporting New Zealand artists while at the same time enhancing their premises.

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I really appreciate all the support and art enthusiasm you have displayed and communicated over the years. I have enjoyed our discussions as you have tried to meet my own personal preferences.

Neil Cochrane – General manager Business Services