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Enhancing environments with original New Zealand artwork

The 1990′s

In June 1994 Doreen and Bryce organized and presented an exhibition of New Zealand artworks in London, England, choosing artists from both the North and South Islands, focusing on the unique imagery of the New Zealand landscape and its people. Eighty five artworks were chosen to showcase the wide range of talent available in New Zealand, including cityscapes, rural landscapes, cafe scenes and abstract representations of a diverse landscape. The exhibition was held at the gallery of Art for Offices close to the Tower of London.

Show your staff that their opinion is valued. Let them take ownership of their office by choosing art that means something to them!

Later in that year The New Zealand Wine Guild in London organized for the artworks to be re-hung at Art for Offices gallery for a very successful New Zealand Wine Guild, Christmas wine tasting function as the exhibition aligned closely with their aims of New Zealand having a wealth of culture and a diverse landscape to draw on. The exhibition also exposed local Londoners working for New Zealand companies in the United Kingdom, to the art and culture of New Zealand.

The artists represented at this exhibition were, Michael Armstrong, Philip Beadle, Graham Bennett, Elisabeth Buchanan, Karel Burrows, Rhonda Campbell, Denise Copeland, Bing Dawe, Julienne Frances, Christine King, Robert McDowell, Judy MacFarlane, Joanne MacKenzie, Sally Powell, John Prince, Glenda Randerson, Michael Reed, Gordon Sharp, Ola Swolf, Alison Ryde and Penny Walker.

Doreen, the founder and director of Art rentals (NZ) has divided her time between charity work with Zonta, (a service organisation for women in business focusing on advancing the status of women), home life raising two children, and the business of keeping her clients office environments dynamic and inviting, and sourcing new art that will suit the corporate image. The result is a collection of quality original art for the corporate and home environment.

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